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In November 2018, I had the opportunity to film and photograph 10 artists coming together to pay tribute to Joni Mitchell’s career and artistry. We were able to document artists in the process of rehearing Joni songs with the band as well as conducting photo-sessions that I use to explore their creative process..

The performers came together as a community to pay respect and honor Joni. What was remarkable to watch was how the artists inspired each other in their unique interpretations of Joni’s songs. It became a beautiful collaborative and communal process. I watched Brandi Carlile work with Kris Kristofferson, challenged with memory loss, and help him negotiate performing “A Case of You". The love between them was palpable and clearly, Kris trusted her implicitly. She seemed to wrap him in a field of love and safety, a truly touching experience. I fell in love with Brandi.

In our dialogue together, Brandi reveals a combination of tremendous self-confidence and composure and at the same time the vulnerability of the true artist willing to explore the unknown. Brandy reveals how uncertain she is, in terms of what she has just created. It was a moment of profound humility. A few days later, we were to discover to our absolute delight, that Brandi was up for 6 Grammy nominations.

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Among the hundreds of artists and creators that I have worked with, there are those who stand out as representatives of the Boundary Dweller Archetype. These are the true innovators who consistently seek to supersede their current boundaries, always venturing beyond, in search of the new and the "more" of themselves.

They have heard a call to adventure. They are dreamers and they act upon their dreams. They reveal an uncompromising drive to discover a truer voice that reflects an authenticity of who they are.

They engage great courage and daring, in spite of the fear to enter the unknown to discover the new .They combine the feminine energies of imagination and emotion with the masculine forces of will and action to become empowered manifestors.

For them, creativity is a sacred journey and it begins with love. They are motivated out of the love, rather than for the love.

In our working together, I came to recognize and observe Joni as one who embodies this archetype, and infuses its defining qualities into every aspect of her creative expression.

When I began designing what I initially thought was going to be a book of my 14 photography and 4 filmed Sessions with Joni, it unexpectedly evolved into something beyond my expectations. As I engaged the design process and writing the text narrative of the book, I was to undergo a new a perspective and revelatory understanding of who Joni was.

What emerged was Joni as the epitome of the archetypal expression of the Boundary Dweller artist - those rare and courageous innovators who venture beyond current boundaries, always in search of the more of themselves.

This schematic was to evolve out of that incremental process of identifying the fundamental qualities of the Boundary Dweller Archetype.

Over decades of working with hundreds of creators and innovators of all the major disciplines my work was to focus more and more on the exploration of the nature and dynamics of human creativity. To this end I began filming my sessions as a way to demonstrate this process in action.

We have now filmed more than 500 Sessions over 4 decades. During the odyssey, I began to discover underlying maps of the creative process that revealed an order in the seeming chaos of the act of creation and innovation. This however was a new and unexpected one that provided exciting secrets and keys to empowering personal creativity.

As you follow the thread of this site and its structure as a journey into the higher reaches of human creativity, we will introduce participants to each of the qualities in greater detail. Most importantly, it is my desire to demonstrate their validity and existence in videos derived from hundreds of documented Sessions and iconic artists that I have been honored to work with over the last 4 decades.

The Journey begins with Joni and will shortly expand to making public the other archetypes of creativity with other renowned creators - it is a collective conversation filled with the wisdom of those who have achieved the grace of finding their true voice and initiated the new. Welcome to the journey.


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