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Joni - The Joni Mitchell Sessions Premium Edition Book


Joni - The Joni Mitchell Sessions Premium Edition Book

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Joni - The Joni Mitchell Sessions Premium by Norman Seeff

Hardcover Book, 11x14”, 200 pages, signed copies available.

Buyers who purchase JONI: The Joni Mitchell Sessions from the store, and a small number of selected vendors, will receive the following value-added content not available in the standard trade release offered elsewhere:

  • An 11x14 inch print.

  • Password protected access to Norman Seeff’s library of filmed sessions featuring artists exploring Joni as the Boundary Dweller and innovative artist. This footage also includes archival footage with Joni.

  • Norman Seeff’s 7-Stage road map of the Boundary Dweller Archetype as exemplified by Joni. Seeff’s description of the qualities that make up the Boundary Dweller Archetype serves as a tool to empower personal creativity. This original body of work introduces the public to the dynamic at the core of all innovative creativity.

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