A collection of items celebrating the release of Joni : The Norman Seeff Sessions.


"Beginning in 1972 and for a period of 15 years, I photographed Joni twelve times and filmed four of our Sessions. There are certain artists who by their nature, engage the innate powers and strengths of human creativity and function at the higher reaches of human potential.

In my long-term collaboration with Joni, I was able to experience those defining qualities, demonstrated and actively expressed in our Sessions. Joni brought with her the innate characteristics of those who are committed to their true calling.

In revisiting my archives, and uncovering the narrative arc of our journey together, came a deeper appreciation of the integrity of Joni as the Boundary Dweller artist who touched me deeply with her unwavering passion and courage to explore beyond the search of the new and the more."


Joni - The Joni Mitchell Sessions by Norman Seeff Collectors Edition Book

Package includes: 1 Hardcover Book (11x14”, 200 pages) in slipcase signed by the author, an original signed print (item A), plus your choice of a signed lithographic poster (item B or C).

Delivery November 2018

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Joni - The Joni Mitchell Sessions by Norman Seeff, Book Cover Poster (Court & Spark, 1972).

Signed poster available.

30 x 40”

"Over the years, my Sessions methodology evolved in very practical ways. When the artist became inspired and immersed in our communication process, they would forget the camera was there. The process was less about the technicalities of taking pictures, and more about engaging emotionally and energetically, and establishing a collaborative and trusting relationship.

At a certain indefinable moment we would enter a 'zone' together in which events would flow effortlessly and timelessly. There would be an openness and directness of eye contact and a raw confidence of presence in front of the camera that would develop step by step, and I knew we had crossed a threshold of trust.

With some artists there was a boundary of resistance to letting go or going deeper, that I would have to work through incrementally.

Not Joni – she pushed into the depths from the get-go. That was just who she was and I had to do very little but hold a space for her love of communication and her creative spontaneity to blossom."

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